• Hats can be provided by us when you arrive for your lesson. If you have your own please bring it along with you.
  • We recommend all riders ride in gloves, they don't have to be riding gloves but gloves are thoroughly recommended.
  • Please wear long trousers (leggings, jogging bottoms or trousers) Don't wear shorts or skirts are your legs can rub on the saddle!
  • You must wear suitable footwear (riding boots, welly boots, school shoes with a small heel, boots with a heel).
  • Trainers are NOT appropriate riding footwear.



Terms and conditions

  • Cancellation policy

This is 48 hours otherwise the full fee will be charged.  Our horses need their feed, so to earn it we need time to re book their rider.


  • Behaviour

Respect around our horses and ponies, that means, no running, shouting or scaring the animals.  As animals they can kick or bite and that must be remembered when going near them for your safety.


Polite notice: when leaving answer phone messages on the yard contact number please speak slowly, leaving a clear name and contact number. We are finding people leaving out a contact number or talking too fast resulting in an inability to retain messages.