Terms and Conditions

Lesson Booking:


When booking the lesson or activity (new or existing riders) you are automatically agreeing to the 48 hour cancellation policy. Anything not cancelled 48 hours in advance, full fee will be charged. Please give us as much time as possible when cancelling your lesson to enable us to offer the slot to someone else.


Group lessons are subject to availability, an assessment lesson must be conducted prior to joining a group.


Bookings and changes are only accepted via telephone or in person, not email or facebook. Please contact the yard on 01372454339.




Payments must be made in advance on the day of booking or before the lesson commences. 


Cash, cheque or card payments are accepted. BACS payments are not.


Discounts can be applied for booking blocks of lessons – please discuss with a member of staff when booking the lesson.






We can provide you with a riding hat for your lesson, if you would like to ride regularly, we recommend you get a hat professionally fitted. If you have your own please bring it along.



We recommend all riders wear gloves when riding, they do not have to specifically be riding gloves, but they are highly recommended.



Please wear long trousers when riding (jodhpurs, leggings, jogging bottoms or trousers). Do not wear shorts, skirts or dresses – the saddle will rub on your legs.



You must wear suitable footwear to ride, shoes with a decent heel (boots, riding boots, wellies, school shoes with a heal). Trainers are not suitable to ride in. Do not wear open toed shoes around the yard either – no flipflops or sandals.



Body protectors are highly recommended for jumping lessons and hacking.





Respect our horses and ponies! Do not run, scream or shout near the animals which may scare them. They are animals and can kick or bite if they are worried.



Do not walk behind any tied up ponies bottoms, they can and will kick especially if they are unaware you are there or what you are doing.



The yard is a busy working environment with machinery, dogs & sharp equipment around. Parents please keep an eye on your children to ensure their own safety.



Do not enter a field or stable under any circumstance without asking a senior member of staff.



Smoking is not accepted anywhere inside the gate, everything is highly flammable and it would not take much to start a fire.