Meet our horses and ponies!

Standing at just over 16h Fred is one of our biggest horses. Don’t let his size put you off he’s a gentle giant, a favourite with staff & many clients.

Yet another one of our golden oldies, Toffee is a very sweet little pony. He’s very cheeky but popular with staff & riders.

Beano is currently the only cremello pony on the yard! He’s stunning and stands out with his unusual colours and is a favourite on Saturday mornings.

Lillee is an absolutely adorable little bay pony! Such a super pony used on and off the leading rein, and a gem in RDA.

Joining us at the end of 2016, Crystal has settled in very well. She is popular for lessons on and off the leading rein. She’s a loving mare.

She came with Donald and is a 7 year old! Maggie is a very honest piebald mare. Turning into a very good RDA pony & a star on the lead rein.

Definitely a typical mare, but Amber is a very beautiful 13.3h pony. She is a very happy hacker & happy to take you over your first few fences!

Tulip certainly has all the looks! She’s a lovely palomino mare, who is used in RDA and has a great personality. 

Jazzy Boy, also known as JB, is another of our younger ponies. He’s doing incredibly well and is a super star out hacking!

Chalky is one of our bigger ponies at 14.1h, he’s very sweet and an absolutely amazing RDA pony. A super pony for popping over jumps.

Jazz is a 14.2h liver chestnut mare, who is such a sweetheart. Beautiful paces & lovely for one of your first canters!

Being the smallest pony we have, it’s no surprise he has the biggest voice! Coco is a very sweet & still learning but is a very steady ride

Speedy but very fun, Lulu is one of our younger ponies at the current moment. She is definitely a firm favourite amongst riders!

One of our golden oldies, Jimbob is a perfect gentleman. An incredibly sweet pony, who is very good at the greedy pony race!


Our youngest pony at the moment, Donald is only 6 but coming on well! His skewbald colours stand out & he’s becoming a lovely RDA pony.