Meet our horses and ponies!

Jazz & Olivia popping a small fence


Such a sweetheart, Jazz is certainly invaluable to the school. She is used in all aspects of the riding school & will happily look after you for your first canters. She is used for children and adults, as being 14.2hh makes her a perfect height. (Image above)


One of our golden oldies Toffee certainly knows the ropes! He’s a little, cheeky Welsh pony and is adored by many clients. He will look after the littlies for their first sits on a pony, right through to children having their first canter. (Image below)




Chalky is an absolute star for our RDA and leading rein lessons. He’s an old hand at riding school life now & knows what he’s doing. He loves anything edible (even things he shouldn’t eat!) so make sure to have a tasty treat for him when you come up. (Image to the right)

Jimbob in RDA


Jimbob is a perfect example of a gentleman. Being an old man, his work load is slowly decreasing as he enjoys semi-retired life, but he can’t not do any work! He’s still speedy and is excellent at the greedy pony race in gymncanas, make sure to bring him an apple when you come up. (Image above)

Gem & one of our staff members


Gem is an ex pony club pony but being over 20 doesn’t mean she’s lost her spark! Settling into riding school life, Gem is a very fun pony. We hope to use her more and are excited to see how she settles in. (Image above)

Beano popping a small fence

Maggie is a young piebald mare, joining us when she was just 7 years old! She has turned into a lovely young mare, excellent at RDA and belonging to them. She’s coming along very well, and is loving her role within the school. (Image below)

Maggie May and Evie during dressage


Lillee is a beautiful bay pony & has an affinity for carrots. Perfect for your first canter, she certainly knows how to look after her riders. She’s very loved by staff & enjoys being the boss in the field! Come & meet her for a carrot & a cuddle, she won’t turn you down.

(Image to the right)


Lulu is another youngster on the yard and starting to get the hand of riding school work. She’s very speedy and mainly used for more competent riders looking for a challenge. She is a firm favourite with many of our riders. (Image above)


Tulip is our only palamino on the yard, and has certainly turned her hoof at riding school life! A speedy, firm favourite amongst clients, she has exceeded expectations becoming an RDA and leading rein pony. Come down and meet her yourself! (Image below)

Tulip in the field

Cheyenne and Hannah practicing some ground work

Coco is no longer the smallest pony, as has been out dwarfed by Penny! Penny is a young, skewbald mare who we are slowly introducing to ridden work, so far she has taken to it like a duck to water. We'll keep you update on her progress but have high hopes for this young ladies future.... (Image to the left)


A typical mare but Amber will sail you easily over your first few jumps. She’s an excellent hacking pony & does love a sneaky treat or two… Excellent for private lessons and more experienced riders wanting to move their riding along. (Image below)

Amber during camp dressage


Being just over 16hh, Fred really is our very own BFG! Don’t let his size put you off, he is excellent with our beginner riders and helping our more advanced progress their riding forward. His favourite treats are parsnips and often receiving lots as he’s a firm favourite with clients and staff. (Image to the left)

Chalky and Zoe popping a small XC fence


DC came with Maggie a few years back and has exceeded expectations already. Being the youngest pony, we have, he is brilliant for RDA and adult riders looking to push their riding forward. He is also becoming a marvellous hacking pony. (Image below)

DC and Aby popping an XC fence



Being the smallest pony, it is no surprise Coco has the biggest voice! A very noisy, cheeky chap who is best friends with Jimbob, Coco is also an old hand at riding school work. He’s brilliant at looking after little riders for their first few steps on a pony. (Image above)

Beano is our only cremello pony on the yard & a very cuddly little chap. Sadly he is no longer used in the riding school, he went blind in Summer 2019, and therefore is unsuitable for ridden work. Instead he adores a cuddle, groom & treats (lots of them too!)

(Image to the left)

JB (Jazzy Boy) is one of our younger ponies, learning the ropes he is certainly coming along nicely & proving an excellent hacking pony. Used in RDA, lead rein and off the leading rein lessons, he is coming along very nicely indeed. He is partial to popping over a small fence every now and again too! (Image below)

JB with one of our helpers




Joining us at the end of 2016, Crystal has settled in very well. Coming from a previous show-jumping home, she’s enjoying her lighter work load. Popular for on and off the lead rein lessons, she’s certainly proven invaluable to the school. (Image above)

Blue popping a small jump with a staff member


Blue stands at just over 13hh, and is relatively new to the school. He is starting to progress well in the school and is perfect for slightly older children. He used to be a show-jumper so knows where to place his feet over a pole or two. (Image above)

Cheyenne, is a beautiful Irish sports horse who has been loaned out to us, she is 16hh and just over 20 years old. She's turning her hoof to riding school work, proving popular with advanced riders and adults (Image to the right)