Meet our horses and ponies!

Standing at just over 16h Fred is one of our biggest horses. Don’t let his size put you off he’s a gentle giant, a favourite with staff & many clients.

Yet another one of our golden oldies, Toffee is a very sweet little pony. He’s very cheeky but popular with staff & riders.

Beano is currently the only cremello pony on the yard! He’s stunning and stands out with his unusual colours and is a favourite on Saturday mornings.

Lillee is an absolutely adorable little bay pony! Such a super pony used on and off the leading rein, and a gem in RDA.

Joining us at the end of 2016, Crystal has settled in very well. She is popular for lessons on and off the leading rein. She’s a loving mare.

She came with DC and is a 7 year old! Maggie is a very honest piebald mare. Turning into a very good RDA pony & a star on the lead rein.

Definitely a typical mare, but Amber is a very beautiful 13.3h pony. She is a very happy hacker & happy to take you over your first few fences!

Tulip certainly has all the looks! She’s a lovely palomino mare, who is used in RDA and has a great personality. 

Jazzy Boy, also known as JB, is another of our younger ponies. He’s doing incredibly well and is a super star out hacking!

Chalky is one of our bigger ponies at 14.1h, he’s very sweet and an absolutely amazing RDA pony. A super pony for popping over jumps.

Jazz is a 14.2h liver chestnut mare, who is such a sweetheart. Beautiful paces & lovely for one of your first canters!

Being the smallest pony we have, it’s no surprise he has the biggest voice! Coco is a very sweet & still learning but is a very steady ride

Speedy but very fun, Lulu is one of our younger ponies at the current moment. She is definitely a firm favourite amongst riders!

One of our golden oldies, Jimbob is a perfect gentleman. An incredibly sweet pony, who is very good at the greedy pony race!


Our youngest pony at the moment, DC is only 6 but coming on well! His skewbald colours stand out & he’s becoming a lovely RDA pony.


Meet Blue. Standing at just over 13hh he is starting to be used little by little in the school. Hopefully you’ll be seeing lots more of him as he progresses.

Standing at a huge 17.2hh, Captain is easily the biggest horse we have. He’s incredibly handsome, and lovely to ride. He belongs to Caroline and is used in the school for some lessons.

New to the yard Gem is a gorgeous, 13.1hh piebald mare. She brings lots of experience to the team and is a very fun ride!