Job Opportunity Yard Staff - August 2021 (hours negotiable)


Due to the loss of one of our yard staff members going to college in September - we are looking for another to train up before she leaves.  


You need to be capable of general yard duties, this includes mucking out, grooming, tacking up, leading.  


We are looking for weekend staff as well as a few shifts to cover during the week.  If you think this could be you please send your CV to

Job Opportunity Instructor - August 2021  ❗️

Due to the loss of one of our instructors who has gone back to working in an office.  We are looking for another instructor.  Hours are negotiable but weekend teaching will be required. Based along the A246, easy to travel to by car or bus. We have an indoor and outdoor school. We offer private and group lessons, as well as various activities during school holidays. If you are interested please send your CV to

01/04/2020 - Currently lessons & all activities are postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be keeping up to date with the government restrictions and guidelines, reviewing our policies as situations develop. Thank you for your continued patience and support during these difficult times. 

19/01/2020 - A reminder that riders ride at their own risk. We do everything we can to ensure the safety of the rider, horse, instructor and others, including trying to preempt potential accidents but that is not always possible. Horses are wild animals and we must respect that therefore when you get on that horse/pony at the start of the lesson it is at your own risk. 

Please remember the 48 hour cancellation policy when booking lessons, there are no exceptions to this rule. If you do not cancel your lesson 48 hours in advance then full fee will be charged. 

01/10/19 - Currently we have a waiting list of riders due to increasing demand and limited availability. We endeavour to get back to everyone with their messages as quickly as possible, but have limited access to the internet/email facilities. Lessons can be guaranteed during the holidays however regular term time lessons can not. If a slot opens up and you are at the top of the list we will call you back asap. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

29/06/19 - Hot Weather Top Tips! Please do not wear open toed shoes on the yard - no flip flips or sandals, accidents can still happen. Riding is not permitted in shorts, skirts or dresses, please continue to wear normal riding attire. If you are getting too hot during your lesson, ask your instructor for a break and bring a drink with you. Do not leave dogs or children unattended in a car - even if it's 'cool', you will be asked to remove them from the vehicle. Lessons may be slower paced to ensure our ponies, helpers, instructors and riders are all kept safe. If you are hacking or jumping, we still recommend riding in long sleeves and a body protector

04/04/19 - Please make sure cancellations are 48 hours in advance else full fee will be charged. When booking your lesson you are automatically agreeing to this cancellation policy.

30/01/19 - The gate leading up to the yard must be kept shut at all times. If in doubt, shut the gate, it must never be left open due to the significant risk of loose ponies ending up on the Guildford road which would pose a serious hazard. 

12/2018 - Polite notice: when leaving answer phone messages on the yard contact number please speak slowly, leaving a clear name and contact number. We are finding people leaving out a contact number or talking too fast resulting in an inability to retain messages.